Below are assorted links we've found of use or interest; Listed in no particular order.

Architecture History

City of San Clemente Designated Historic Sites Page

Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy & 'Wright Chat' Forum

Library of Congress Historic American Buildings site

John Lautner Foundation

Friends & Colleagues

Paul M. Bleck, Architect

James L. Glover, Designer

Shane Kitchens, Architect

Coastal Blue - Our local print shop

Economics news and Opinion

Mish Shedlock

Zero Hedge.

Jesse's Cafe Americain

Charles Hugh Smith's Of Two Minds (click 'Today's Blog' link)

Automatic Earth

Jim Puplava's Financial Sense. We listen to their internet radio show every weekend (Go to 'Newshour' link)

Gold Seek. Great weekly radio show, too.

ArchiCAD Goodies

Dave's ArchiCAD 9 Template File. AC9 (620 Kb) Updated 2017-02-07

Dave's GDL Library. Lots of handy objects. AC9 & up (6.02 Mb) Updated 2017-02-07