By using highly integrated software and a well established team of consulting professionals, we are able to move projects forward very quickly and efficiently. This allows us to provide the client with well correlated construction documents at very competitive fees. In over two decades of service to the AEC industry, we have developed the organizational skills and systems required to manage project data, route it to project participants in the correct quantities and formats, and at the appropriate phases of the project to eliminate wasted time and needless delays. We have processed packages in many code jurisdictions the world over, and can provide quick response to jurisdictional requirements. Careful analysis of zoning, building, association and review board requirements is always performed at the inception of a project to establish jurisdictional requirements and avoid delays caused by changes made in late design development phases. Our goal is to make the project go forward in a straight line, with a logical progression, while remaining nimble and responsive to the unexpected.

We offer several typical degrees of service, as follows:

Builder package: Includes only items required to obtain building permits, with detailed requirements generaly left to the owner and builder to specify during the course of construction to obtain the highest value based on the owner or builder's preffered resources and suppliers that they have previous experience and relationships with. For clients with extensive building experience, or speculative projects, this is often a good option. This delivery method results in the lowest design fees and is often utilized when the client comes to us with a pre-selected builder, or will be building the project with their own forces. This method allows for a high degree of value engineering during the construction phase. Construction observation by our firm is optional with this method.

Standard package: Includes items required to obtain permits, as well as more intensive detailing to illustrate special design features that fall outside of common construction methods. This delivery method is suitable for use with a pre-selected builder or for bid projects. It provides greater control over aesthetic features at an earlier stage of the project, and allows more accurate pricing of building features in the bidding phase. Provisions are made for alternate or substitute methods and materials proposed by the owner or builder, allowing some flexibilty to perform value engineering during the construction process. This delivery method is suitable for most projects, whether or not the owner has previous building experience. Construction observation is generaly provided by our firm to insure compliance with the intent of the construction documents.

Full Service package: Includes items required to obtain permits as well as extensive detailing and specifications to fully illustrate the aesthetic intent of the design, including all finishes, products, and quality assurance measures. This delivery method is the most suitable for openly bid projects. While this method commands higher design fees, it also provides for the most accurate initial pricing of the project by limiting allowances and compelling the builder to enumerate precise costs for all features. Our firm can also be utilized in the formal role of contract administrator, if the owner desires. Full service delivery is usually performed using AIA contracts, and is considered the 'traditional' method of project delivery. Construction observation must be provided by our firm with this method.

We also offer specialized additional services, which can include:

Programming: This entails an analysis of project scope requirements based on interviews with the the client, and where applicable, examination of their existing facilities. Generaly, a client comes to our firm with a program already developed, but not always. If you are unsure of what elements will be required in the finished project, we will help you to establish the project features required to meet your needs in this phase.

Site Analysis and/or Selection: For some projects, multiple sites may be available to the client. We can help to determine which of these potential sites will be most advantageous for the project program. Many factors can be in play with this choice, including cost, topography, code restrictions, utility access, and adjacencies to other uses, to name just a few. We will help you to sift through the volumes of data available to determine which site provides the greatest advantage to the project program.

As-Built Drawings: We can measure and photo document your existing facility, and produce a set of drawings illustrating existing conditions. This service is completed using the same software and systems we use to produce construction documents, and is always a part of a remodeling or addition project. For a full-site scope of work, this service also requires a topographic survey provided by the client.

Record Drawings: Updated drawings of your finished project reflecting all changes made during the construction process. While we may provide additional drawings and exhibits during the construction phase of a project, they are added to the construction document package, and are not promulgated into the permit drawings. Once the project is completed, we can update a copy of the permit drawings to reflect the as-built conditions for the client's use in facility management or future work.

Construction Document Production: Over the years, this has been one of our primary services, particularly to fellow AEC professionals. This entails production of construction documents and specifications based on the results of the design development phase of a project. Services are usually provided on an hourly basis, although we are always willing to negotiate stipulated sums. We've performed this service for Builders, Designers, Owners and other Architects; If you're a builder in our service area, you may have unwittingly seen our work in the field! We've worked in many situations as members of large project teams and always enjoy combining efforts with larger overall organizations to bring a project to successful completion. We're happy to provide these services large or small, in accordance with your specific needs.

Presentation: We can provide renderings, illustrations, brochures, marketing materials, interactive digital models, physical models, or most any project presentation materials required for projects designed by ourselves or by other AEC professionals. These services can vary considerably in scope and time, and we can provide quotes based on what is required and the resources available to us for use in production. We can utilize several digital file formats in our presentation software, and will always confirm compatibility prior to commencing services.